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Marren Designs

About me


I am Marren Pollack, and I graduated from University of Arizona. I obtained my Bachelors in Applied Humanities with an emphasis in Spatial Organization and Design Thinking, as well as a minor in Fashion and Consumer Sciences. I am currently looking for an interior designer or decorating position to further me in my career in the field of design. The reason I love design is because it gives me a creative space to work and push myself to think outside of the box. Through design I am looking to improve people's lives by creating positive and influential spaces. On my own time I am trying to gain more knowledge of the interior design and decorating world by doing personal projects along with getting my interior design certification. 

Class Related Work

garden approach perspective (1).jpg
Class Related Work
These are completed projects from a landscape architecture course. During this course I focused on creating a full project of the exterior of the College of Architecture Planning and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA). However, I feel these images illustrate my experience with design tools that are valued in the interior design community.

CAPLA Section: I created this Section using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.


CAPLA Aerial Plan: I created this aerial plan by using InDesign and Photoshop.


CAPLA Perspective Drawing: I created this perspective using SketchUp, InDesign, and Photoshop.

PersonaL Projects

Personal Projects

For this perosnal project of a future apartment I used Home Planner to create a Mock-up 


Showcasing interior decorating in a college apartment while following restrictions of apartment complex lease.


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